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Fighting For Our Future

 And suddenly life has shifted from me to we. My life is beginning to merge with another, I am learning what it means to learn someone else, to speak life into them and to challenge. To do life with another human is pretty odd, honestly. To realize that my ministry becomes our ministry, that my dreams become our dreams, that my struggles become our struggles and my joys become our joys. We are engaged and about to enter into a covenant of love and trust and unwavering commitment before the Lord. Woah. 

With this, we are learning how to prepare, marriage is the work of the Father and anything that comes against that is against Him. Our desire is to become one with the Holy Spirit who is bridging the gap between our differences and disagreements, welcoming us unto his arms of grace and understanding and humility. 

I believe that we were created to represent the redemption and reconciliation of the Father to his Bride, and my desire is to lead others into their own redemption. That looks a little different than I thought for this season ahead. I am working at a jewelry store as their photographer and Etsy creator- which if I am being honest- I am having a hard time seeing how that fits into my future and my dreams and my goals. I am learning what it means to put in the work so that my dreams can be fulfilled, and trusting that the Kingdom is still coming by the way I walk every day. There is always something so much greater than I can see, and I will work patiently until the Lord tells me to stop. Who am I to say that the only kingdom work I can do is overseas or in a church? dang.

Tucker on the other hand, has accepted an internship with Adventures in Missions- so his time here is continuing. He will be assisting in HR and CGA, pouring into people and becoming a small part to this body that runs such a beautiful ministry all over the world. He is in a season of pursuit, pursing his dreams and pursing me, while learning what it looks like to pursue himself and his career ahead. 

As my supporters, friends, and family, I am thankful to say that his dreams are mine as well. Therefore, his load is becoming my load and his blessings are becoming mine. With this, that also means that his support raising goal also becomes mine. He is in great need in order to continue serving with Adventures in Missions. His dreams are big and I know that this is just the beginning for him. We are asking for you- whoever may be reading this- to cheer us on. Our future is exciting and our Kingdom Purpose is big. The enemy is against us but we know we have a huge family that is for us. He needs to raise $2,800 in order to continue serving. Please pray, please join us in fighting for our future and supporting our ministry now so that we can see the faithfulness of the father revealed through you. We love you, we are so thankful for you, and we are asking for your help. Please visit to donate and follow along more with our journey. 

Blessings, Taylor Camplin & Tucker Stevens